I have been a guest at several weddings where the photographer can seem as if they are trying to take over an important part of the day and in the process annoy many of the guests by stopping them taking their own photographs.

I always try to work with the guests and appreciate that they will also want their own momentos of your special day.  I will not rush the subjects of my photographs in and out of position so that others cannot take the same pictures.






No two weddings are the same, but as a basic package I will provide the bride and groom with 20 printed images (approximately 8" x 10") for £900.00.  This cost will also include the digital images saved onto disc. Any copy images for friends and family, or enlargements for framing can then be arranged, by the couple, at minimal cost.

Experience has taught me that often the most memorable images are those impromptu and candid shots, as well as the standard posed pictures, I endeavour to take a good range of these on the day.


Bespoke Wedding Invitations and Thank You cards can be produced at a cost of £3.50 each. The cards are professionally printed and add a very personal touch to this most memorable and important of communications.

A wording of your choice can be printed inside the card and it can be a good idea to insert such items as a tick box menu (if there is a choice of food on the day) or map of how to get to the venue for example, simplifying the organisation of the wedding breakfast and one less thing to worry about.